Friday, February 20, 2009

Focus Friday--Saturday Edition

Focus Friday

Does the title of this post serve as any indication of my, ahem, 'focus' for the week? (..or serious lack thereof?)

Let's see. Walks, I did those!! The weather was beautiful, and that, mixed with a bit of outlet mall shopping, made me successful. Yippee!! The clutter box and the taxes, however, leave much to be desired in the area of completion. But! I have good news!! Ryan was actually home when I remembered to ask him to take the box down from the attic, so it's here! Where I can see it! The taxes are a big, fat NO. I'll just be moving those over to this week as well...

So, my list...

2. Find Camden's SSN and finish the taxes!

Wanna join in the fun?? I know you guys might not believe me, and true, my success rate has been less than stellar, but making these lists public really is a big motivator for me. Let's see if the third time will be the charm??

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