Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Attack of the Killer Spider

I don't handle spiders well. I don't *handle* them at all, in fact, so it might come as a bit of a surprise to you that I willingly watched Arachnophobia over the weekend. You know the one; early '90's, Jeff Daniels and John Goodman... right?? Creepy, cheesy and make-your-skin-crawl-worthy.

Little Man went to bed early, so I curled up on the couch with my other three favorite men, (You know them well... Ryan, Ben and Jerry) and we watched as victim after victim was maliciously attacked by the killer laboratory-raised tarantulas, ahem, I mean... spiders.

Anyway, this was Saturday night. I figured, after watching such a terrible thing, that the inevitable would happen and I'd find myself nose to nose with a giant spider within 24 hours of the completion of the movie. Imagine my surprise when Sunday passed successfully without so much as a glimpse of one of those creepy mutants!!

...skip ahead to Monday, when we were leaving to run errands and my duty was to lock the door behind us. I reached forward for the knob, and there, dangling from my hand was ONE OF THEM. True to form, I screeched with full lung capacity, flung my arm in the air and waved it wildly around.

"Spider! Spiiiiii-derrrrr!!! Get it! Get it! HELP MEEEEE!"

Ryan casually sauntered back through the gate and glanced my way with a half-raised eyebrow. It wasn't until I demanded his immediate search and destroy tactics that he came to my side, glanced from my toes to my head and said,

"I don't see it. It's probably in the diaper bag."

Great! Fabulous!! Because that makes me feel better??

Men. They always know just the right thing to say.


Shara said...

Yeah you're more brave than I am. I still refuse to watch that movie!! You should see the wonderful giant spiders we get at our house certain times of the year. I keep telling Isaiah they're just giant house spiders. He's convinced they're the poisonous hobo spiders. He even collects specimens for examination. Shudder....

Candice said...

First of all, I wouldn't have been able to watch that show. I've posted blogs about my fear of spiders on a couple of occasions. I can't even see pictures of them or I freak out.

Secondly, I would have peed myself with the spider encounter. I hope you were able to locate it and it WASN'T in the diaper bag. ;)

Jess and Eli said...

Why would you ever watch that movie??? Second of all, I would react the same way, but I would probably be crying too as I am TERRIFIED of spiders! I hope you guys were able to find it and kill it!!! HAHA

Shannon said...

I'm relatively sure that you just described an encounter I've had in my past, complete with the *wonderful* comment from the hubs! I hope you didn't have the baby in your other hand....?

Christina said...

Ergh... we never found the spider, no, and to be honest, I'm pretty sure I probably flung the darned thing into outer space with as hard as I jerked my arm back.

I do, however, cringe every time I reach into the bag... still. two days later.

Oh! and no, Ryan was on baby duty at the time, lol!! He was safely tucked in his car seat.

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