Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sewing Project...

I'm working on a new project. I've got the sewing itch again!! Mind you, it'll probably take me three weeks to finish this simple little task, because Bug, er, Camden, isn't much for letting me get things done when I want to. He's totally worth it though--little cutie.

This project is for him. You can see it here.

Anyway... I've got the pieces cut for my project from some leftover fabric. If I like the results, I'll buy the fabric to make another.

I'll post photos later. After I remember to take them.

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indigoghost said...

Awwww.. too cute. I wish I could sew! I'd so make one for Bean II. Speaking of, I finally go to the doc on Tuesday... stupid snow storm.. had to reschedule..
I've been feeling quickening since week 13 (early, I know.. but it's cause I'm tiny, not a lot of room in there).. felt 'em early with Lily, too. OMG I can't wait to hear that little heartbeat for the first time!!
And in about 5 weeks, I'll get to find out the gender! Can't take Lily, though.. Know any competent baby sitters 'round here? lol

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