Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I'm giggling out loud reading the comments on my last post. You're all too cute--and just fun to read. I enjoyed all of your suggestions, your "umm's and uhh's" and skirting around words, lol!

I also wanted to mention, my 'eviction' attempts are all in good fun... and I know that I truly cannot hurry nature. It is a fun way to help pass the waiting time though, lol!

...and yes. I'm still here.

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indigoghost said...

I know how you feel... maybe not to the extent that you feel everything, considering I had Lily at 36 weeks... I don't know if any of this really helped, but I ate spicy food almost every day, walked and walked and walked, had sex in some awkward positions (which is pretty much the only way you can have sex once your belly's bulging), and walked some more.

After one false alarm, and a disappointed return home without a baby in my arms, I returned a week later, and my doctor was luckily the one "in house" that night, and he broke my water for me. A couple of minutes later, I began having horrendous contractions and wondered what the hell I had gotten myself into. lol

After giving birth, I couldn't wait to take her home... and once I got home, I wanted to go back to the hospital, where anything and everything I needed was just a button push away. lol
Anyway, the moral of my story is:
Don't rush it... enjoy the little bit of time you've got left before baby makes three.
Oh, and I'm not sure if I said it before, but take something to hold your hair back during delivery, like a ponytail holder or headband.

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