Saturday, November 8, 2008

Mission Accomplished.

This morning when Ryan's alarm went off at four-dark-thirty-something, I groaned and rolled over, scrunching myself further down under the covers.

"too.early." I muttered, only to be greeted with an non-impressed grunt from the unhappy-to-be-awake husband. Can't say as I blame him. No one should have to get up before the sun.

Anyway, I got over myself, got up, and made Ryan's lunch... packed dutifully into his Cougar lunch tote, as per the usual morning routine.

I didn't go back to bed though, because I had a mission to complete. I sat in the dark for a bit and prowled the internet in my jammies, munching on a *healthy* bowl of Captain Crunch before I decided it was, indeed, time to get my bum in gear.

I skipped my morning shower as both showers were completely occupied by my parents and the company (step-sister, step-sisters husband and their offspring are here...), and I had somewhere to be.

I drove, winding my way through town, using the less commonly traveled back roads and singing (screeching?) at the top of my lungs to the American Top 40 Count-Down. Per my conversation with the charming (*cough* yea. charming. the idiot.) Wal*Mart sales associate last night, I figured I had plenty of time!

The sky was overcast, but I took the big rainbow to be a sign of good things to come. Little man likes to show his mama rainbows when the day is going to be a good one, you know.

I pulled in to the parking lot of our local Wal*Mart SuperCenter at 7:57 AM, parked, and me and my furry Crocs waddled our way to the front doors. I was greeted by a man offering a credit card, which came as quite a surprise. Seriously? Wal*Mart has a credit card? Yikes.

...anyway, I wound my way through the clothing sections and the crafty area toward the back of the store. My mission was nearly complete. Five minutes, and I'd be OUT OF THERE!

I gasped when I realized what was waiting for me. A line. A big, big line... it looped through electronics and then in to the toy section. Great. Preggie's don't do long lines well, dontchaknow??

But like a trooper, I stood there for nearly an hour, slowly creeping past the board games and flat-panel TV's, toward the 'beep, beep' of the cash register.

I felt like a giddy child at Disney Land, waiting for my turn on Splash Mountain when I realized I was next in line. Me! I had made it! ...and I wasn't even potty-dancing!

My prize? A shiny new laptop that charges itself without precariously pinning the power cord! For $298. It's a Compaq.

I think I might be in love.

P.S., don't worry, I'm on my way for that shower I skipped just as soon as I hit 'publish.'


Shara said...

Wow...that's one heck of a deal! Hope it works well for you. Still think you're crazy to wake up that early, though. ;)

Christina said...

Mmmhhmm! Very good deal! It's cute, too! :o)

...and yea, I'm a little nuttters for waking up, but you just wait until you're 36 weeks pregnant one day and see what sorts of nutty things YOU decide to do!

...just teasing you! :o)

Cameron said...

So did it have the web cam you wanted?

Christina said...

Hey Cammie!

No web cam... but a built in mic, which solves 1/2 my problem, and it was the more annoying part than the camera over the back. Reports from the step-dad were that the web cams are crappy anyway--he's got the almost identical HP--so I think I'll stick with my $300 find and be happy!

Thanks for the help the other day...

Sarah said...

Fun, I always love getting new electronics. I got my laptop (my first one!) last Christmas and I remember how excited I was.
By the way, I started a blog myself! It's a blog about politics and what I'm learning. I know we don't see eye to eye in our political leanings, but I hope you'll check it out! We'll see what it involves into. Might be funny stories from work (there's always a ton of those), might be discussions about issues, who knows. Here's the link:

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