Friday, November 14, 2008

Is it really so strange?

I made dinner last night. Casserole, no big deal, right? Nothing funny about a good 'ole American casserole! (I swear we-Americans, I mean-must be the only people in the world who eat casseroles...) Put everything in the pan, topped it with cheese and bake, bake, bake!

Hubbs was a bit late coming home, so instead of it still being in the oven when he walked through the door, it was sitting on top of the stove waiting for us to dig in.

I got up as he walked in, having already spied my casserole from across the room. He chuckled to himself, grabbed me for a hug and said, "you know what I love about you?"

"hmm?" I questioned...

"you take the time to do that." ...and he pointed a finger in the direction of my casserole.

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Apparently it's not routine, and is, in fact, a bit odd, for one to arrange tater tots into tidy little rows before baking a tater-tot casserole? Tell me, then, how else would you do it?!

P.S., LOVING all of your hospital help! Thanks everyone, and keep the ideas coming!!!


Sarah said...

Sounds to me like someone is beginning to nest! A month before my cousin was born my aunt woke up early one morning and reorganized the entire kitchen. Like she took out everything out of the cabinets and rearranged all of it! LOL! You preggos are so funny! But then, I do that kind of stuff normally. Gawd, imagine what I'll be like when I'm preggo! Scary.

mgsprincess said...

I nested by getting down and scrubbing the floor because mopping it just didn't get it clean enough. That was with KalieAnn...Hannah I just had to have everything ready for her...carpets shampood, maternity pictures taken..the works... but putting it in rows isn't really strange..its just amusing.. :)

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