Tuesday, October 21, 2008

un, deux, trois...

...et voila!

(Did I say, er... spell... that correctly?? They said it in the French restaurant on our Honeymoon cruise each time you got a plate of food and I always thought it was cute. Too bad for you, I'm unveiling a finished taggy blanket instead of a big plate of food!)

So here it is... and I LOVE it!! My sweet mama helped me with some of the details, and with a few 'speed bumps' along the way. I'm still learning to sew...

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...and doesn't it look cute with the quilt we picked up a couple of weeks back? I'm really not one for 'theme-y' baby stuff, but I am having fun mixing in little jungle-critter touches here and there!

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I'm ready to make another... I had so much fun!

P.S., you might be wondering... "what's that elephant-print square on the green side??" It's a pocket, which I thought would be fun once toddler-hood starts... kids love to stash things in pockets, don't they??


Kelly said...

so cute!!! The girls love their blankets. I wish I could have made the but I am really bad at sewing. Their's is pink and brown to go along with their room. Julia needs hers to sleep with but I don't mind at all. At least she is sleeping!!!

Shara said...

Too cute! I like the jungle kind of deal you're working on even if you aren't thrilled about a theme. :) Good for you! Sewing is very rewarding, but I suck at it. :(

mgsprincess said...

Aww I made your blankets sports themed...oh well hopw you like it..Pretty soon I want to learn how to quilt, how much fun would that be? :)

Christina said...

Thanks girls!!

LeslieAnn, sports are daddy's DREAM! I bet it'll be SO cute, and can't wait for Thursday's mail! :o) You rock!

Rebekah Moore said...

Adorable! I may have to make an attempt!

CSI Seattle said...

You do know that un, deux, trois means, "There's a hair in your food. Please eat around it."

Just watching out for you.


Christina said...

Aawwwwww man!! They really had me duped on that darned cruise ship... what a dirty trick. I assume they thought saying it in a fun, excited voice would lead me to believe I should gobble up!

LOL! :o)

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