Friday, October 31, 2008

The things people say...

So I went to the post office yesterday to get our mail... same routine I carry out almost every day...

I hopped (ok, no one 'hops' at 35 weeks, but you get the idea) out of the car and made my way to the door with a lady about ten steps behind me. She was also headed for the same door. Since I got there first, I figured I'd be nice and hold the door open for her. I'm like that. I hold doors, I get items from the top shelf for ladies in wheel-chair-scooter-things at the store... anyway.

I don't suppose I was really *expecting* a thank-you from her, because that's not why I held the door. I didn't NEED to be thanked, just wanted to be nice... her very NON-thank-you response?

"Gee... you're REALLY waddling!!!"

I caught my TRUE sentiments before they left my lips and smiled... then threw in a blunt, "guess it comes with the territory, hmmmm?"

Seriously? Who SAYS that? Yes, thank you, I KNOW I look like a cow. I KNOW I'm walking funny--and trust me lady, you would be too!!!

I went home and ate cookies. Lots of them. Now THAT is what I call self-medicating.


Laura said...

I can not believe someone said that to you!!! It makes me sooo angry just hearing that. GRRR!!! Why do people think they have the right to say whatever they want? I know we live in a free country and everything, but come on... people need to learn to keep their mouth shut sometimes.

Christina said...

LOL!! I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks post office lady was a bit... out-spoken.

My theory is that she's never been preggo... because typically, someone who has been there, done that just knows better than to 'go there.'

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