Sunday, October 5, 2008

My belly has personality!

I'm learning things about this little baby of mine, and it's terribly fun!

...for example, I don't think he's much going to like *loud* places. We watched the Seahawk's game today with Ryan's parents at the family-owned bar. (Mind you, this is the only bar I'll step foot in recently... because people tend to look at preggies in bars awfully funny... but these people know me! so it's ok!) But anyway, the whole time we were there, he hardly moved in my belly. No big kicks, no big stretches... but then once we were back in our relatively quiet car? He was ALL OVER THE PLACE! Kicking, bobbing and squirming...

Anyway, my belly has some serious personality, and that totally rocks!


The Naipo's (Jennifer, Noah, and Kealani) said...

Isn't that crazy to picture him in there with big eyes, listening to all the noise going "I don't think I like this... when will it be over!?!" Kealani did the same thing in my belly. On the fourth of July we went a big air show and firework show and it was SUPER LOUD! Whenever it was loud, she'd stop moving completely. Then a few minutes after it stopped, she'd start squirmin' around again. Then it would happen all over again. We, as Moms, get to experience the coolest things, don't we?! Soooo happy you are getting to enjoy all the blessings of this adventure. :)

Shara said...

That's so fun to hear. :) I so hope that someday I can experience this too. It's fun to read your blog and get the play by play. Sandy is going to be having her baby maybe even today! Mom is on her way there and we're just counting down the hours!!!

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