Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A bigger peek..

I'm just so gosh-darned excited that I can't quit working on the mural!! Those of you who have been preggo know that your blood vessels all expand and relax and whatever, making your arms likely to 'fall asleep' at a moments notice. Let me tell you, holding a little paint brush up above my head is NOT helping this matter--but I just.can't.stop.

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So here's my current standing... I'm not quite done with the leaves, monkey-man still needs a face and some touch-up, and I think I might add in one more branch on the bottom left... maybe?

YAY! Back to painting!


Kelly said...

You are SOOO talented!!!

I had a double take at your ticker. Umm how did that happen? 35 weeks???? Crazy!!!
Soon, soon your little man will be here :)

A said...

Oh my gosh that mural is amazing! It is so cute! Can't wait to see pics of your little guy when he gets here :)

Mark said...

Very Cute, kinda jealous actually. So excited for you guys!!!

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