Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Just a quick, quick update... I'm alive! I'm not missing... no need for a search party!

We got wrapped up in the move this weekend, and, well, we're now deep in the throes of moving. I wasn't exactly ready to go, and so we're in this odd limbo between the two places. The mini-partment is coming right along, and we'll be spending the night there tonight. Yay!! Cats are all moved in too... and let me tell you, they've never had so much fun as they're having whisking their toys around on the new wood floors. This is a new novelty for them, that I don't imagine will they'll tire of soon.

Our old house? Yikes. There is stuff everywhere. Today, my job is to go over there and try to whip the place into shape... at least somewhat.

I've learned a crucial lesson as a result of this move... pregnancy and moving just.don't.mix.

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