Friday, August 1, 2008

Moving, Construction and Guitar Hero

Ryan's birthday is on Tuesday. He'll be 25, and he's somewhat less than impressed by my incessant need to remind him... but it's just too fun! Today, he got an early birthday present--Guitar Hero for the Wii. He's playing. Still. While I type this...

Construction is well under way for the back yard storage space addition... and tomorrow will start "our" official construction, beginning with the bathroom. I'll take pictures Maggie, don't worry!!

Now, revisiting the Q&A based on your comments:

1. Can I rummage through your "toss" piles?? Yes, please do! I'll let you locals know when the time is right.

2. Will you be sharing laundry space? Yes. And we'll be cloth diapering. Ruh-roh, shaggy! Good news is I'll be home during the day and my mom will not... since she's the official laundry do-er and so am I, we should be set! (major finger-crossing going on here...)

3. What will mom's 'motherly advice' be like? I've got a good feeling about this one. She's not really one to overstep her boundaries or make me feel inferior or anything like that, which is perhaps one of the biggest pros in our 'friendship' part of our 'mother/daughter' relationship.

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Shara said...

He he he...we have guitar hero also. It's addicting! I even came home earlier this week to hear him playing. Only problem is that you get tired of the music (he has his favorites and hardly plays anything else). I'm excited about the construction. Can't wait to see how you put it all together. I have no doubt it will be wonderful and homey. You've got a great eye for that kind of thing.

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