Tuesday, August 26, 2008

99 Days!

Can't believe I'm saying this today... 99 days to go until my estimated due date!!

Where I'm standing today seems so, so different than the place I was in last November. I had a hard time, then, believing I'd ever make it to this point. I had lost all confidence in my body and its ability to do what it's supposed to do. I felt weathered, hopeless, and like a failure.

Today, looking at the marvelous things that are going on, I find my self constantly in a state of shock and awe. I'm DOING this. I'm physically helping this little person to grow and develop, so that when he is good and ready, he can make his mark on the world.


Chelsi said...

I've added a GOING TO BE AN AUNTIE countdown! hahaha, being an Auntie will be GREAT, I'm convinced! I also just spent... well over an hour surfing all of the blogs listed on yours... woah, time gets away when you're being nosy! :0)

Christina said...

Blogs are addicting... consider yourself warned, AUNTIE! :o)

The Naipo's (Jennifer, Noah, and Kealani) said...

I'm soooooo excited for you guys!!!! Parenthood is THE BEST -- you'll soon find out! :)

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