Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Coming Full Circle...

When I started this blog, it was a method of communication for friends who live elsewhere. It was an outlet for my early-pregnancy woes and worries... and then our own little tragedy struck.

We were heartbroken to hear that we had lost our first child, our precious Brody, and he was delivered to a world that was not yet ready for him on November 27th, 2007. For months, I struggled to even accept what had happened, and that is how this blog came to be what it is today.

I've met so many wonderful people in my time here, and it really is amazing to see the kindness and generosity of people in the blogger world. You all know who you are. Of course, my friends who are spread far and wide (and in the next town over!), you continue to read as well.

So I'm taking my "full-circle" moment to let you know that I'm back where I started, I'm back in the early stages of this blog... only this time, I feel more prepared, I feel stronger, and I feel more ready to accept whatever challenges might be ahead. On March 27th, I discovered that we are again expecting a baby. This little one, who Ryan has been calling our little munchkin, will be due in early December. December third, to be exact... which would have been Ryan's great grandma's 100th birthday. (See the previous post)

So there you have it... I'm a member of the preggie troop again, and I'm currently maintaining a sense of cautious optimism. It's going to be a windy path, boys and girls, but I'm ready for it.


Swampgirl said...

Funny, I have been checking everyday expecting that announcement! I am so happy for you and will make sure I keep him (or HER) in my prayers. I know you will be anxious but, keep reminding yourself to enjoy every second! Life is good!

Christina said...

lol... I think everyone has been a bit suspicious and antsy lately! :o)

Rebekah Moore said...

Congratulations Christina...I totally understand cautious optimism. I will keep you and your family in my thoughts as I have all along.

Rebekah Moore

thepetersens said...

Yeah for you guys! I'm so happy for you and will pray that everything will go okay. How far along does that put you now? Please keep us posted on how the pregnancy is going, and if you need anything, let me know! I'm just a post office away from sending early pregnancy care packages! :) Take it easy girl, and enjoy this special time in your life!

Sarah said...

Oh my gosh! Congrats! I'll be hoping and praying for you guys, that your next little one will be safe and healthy, but that you will continue to remember your Brody and not feel like you're forgetting him.

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