Monday, February 25, 2008

When will this get easier?

Someone should create a service designed to do the following:

1. Figure out discreetly and indirectly when someone has suffered a miscarriage/fetal demise/still birth.

2. Contact all, and I do mean ALL, of the companies who are sending things to this person's house. These companies would include, but not be limited to:

a. Formula companies.
b. Diaper companies.
c. The company that keeps sending me these DAMN *free* swaddling blankets.
d. Viacord*. (see footnote)
e. The Gerber Life Grow Up Plan... or whatever it's called.

3. Get said companies to STOP sending their freebies, magazines, letters, coupons...

*(Evidently, shouting into the phone, "my baby is DEAD!" does NOT prompt them to remove you from their calling list.)

Now... which one of my entrepreneurial friends wants to take on this task? Hmm? and when will this get easier?


MikeandJen said...

i'll join the task! i'm so sick of getting that crap in the mail!! sorry you had such a rough day yesterday..

Amy said...

I received Similac after coming home without my son! I would love to join the crusade! Sign me up!

I am sorry that you are here in babylossblogland. I am sorry for your loss.

thepetersens said...

Thanks sweetie for the comment...I needed that! Oh, and I'll join on board with you!

Maggie said...

Hi. I got a lot of stuff in the mail too. The most hurtful was from a Portrait Studio saying "hey -your baby is One this month- come in for photos" I was so upset. Good thing you have a loving husband and some good kitties to help see you through this hard time. I'm sorry it hurts so much. I still cry and mine was three years ago.

Christina said...

Here I am... reading your fabulous blog about your house, and no idea you've been through THIS too. It's an all-too-common occurrence. Yucka. TOO COMMON.

Maggie said...

I hope your day is better today. I had written about our experience once last year on my blog. It's the whole reason we bought our old house- we needed projects to keep me from going crazy. :) Happy Thursday to you- I'm sending good thoughts your way.

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