Monday, February 18, 2008

The house...

It crossed my mind this evening, while I was standing in the shower (keep your comments to yourself!), that I haven't taken the time to leave an update about the issues swirling around our house and it's past.

So... we've gotten some news. GOOD news for once, thank GOD! After talking to two neighbors, who have lived here for quite some time, it seems that the illegal activities were taking place in a small camp trailer parked on our property. It goes something like this:

Mom and dad were living here in the house, and their two kids (20-somethings) were living in a ratty old cam trailer parked in the back yard. Mom and dad were in their late 60's, and apparently acted much older... let's use the term "senile." So, the sons were busy making drugs in the trailer, and mom and dad apparently had no clue. Now, I have to say, I feel like this was negligence by omission... but who am I to judge?

So anyway, one of our neighbors was kind enough to call an acquaintance who apparently knows a lot about drugs (we won't discuss WHY or HOW) and also knew the mom and dad living here in the house. She swore up and down there was never anything fishy happening inside the house, only in the little trailer.

I call this good news. Sure, drugs were made on our property (let's not even go there!) at some point in the past... but when the tenants left, so did the trailer... and the drugs. There are no funky dead patches in our lawn, they could not have accessed the septic tank (and besides, it's been replaced since their dismissal from the home) without going inside the house... I think it's safe for me to breathe one huge sigh of relief. I think. I think. I hope.

Now, if only we could find one of those money-growing trees everyone is always talking about...


Rob and Kelly said...

I'm glad you heard some good news about your house! I have been and continue to think about you. Hope things continue to look up!

Sarah said...

Oh that's such great news!! So glad to hear it. Now you can get on to better things in life and not having that hanging over your head like the little storm clouds that used to follow Eeyore.

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