Sunday, October 28, 2007

199 days!


Check it out! 199 days to go! And soon, I'll be in the second trimester. Can you believe how quickly the time is going??

I bought a storage shed online last night. Soon, we'll pick it up from Sears and get it all set up in the back yard. That's a big deal, because once it's ready, I can start to clean out the room that will eventually be home to this little Peanut. Once the room is clean and ready, we can PAINT! and DECORATE! I can't wait! I'm considering painting a mural on one of the walls... but I haven't totally decided yet.

Also, we were bummed to find out that Ryan didn't get that job. They don't know what they're missing out on!! The only reason he wasn't chosen was because someone else had applied who has more experience working in the insurance field. Boo!

1 comment:

Chelsi said...

K I want bare belly pix! Is that weird? Ha, don't care... need to see the improvement on the belly!!! :)

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